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Disaster Services

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Omni Construction Services is more than your traditional disaster recovery service provider or general contractor. We are a disaster preparedness company, a certified disaster recovery company, and an experienced insurance negotiation company.

We help our clients plan and document the pre-disaster status of their homes. That includes creating floor plans, taking photos, documenting the grade and quality of the finishes of the home, and much more. We do this to ensure their insurance companies fairly compensate our clients after a disaster.

As an Omni Construction Services client, you have a personal safe, secure log-in to our client portal, where you will always have access to all of the information about your home. You can even view it all in our app. Everything about your home is in one place. After the recovery is completed, we submit all the claim packages for you, upload a copy of your account, and provide a hard copy of the claim directly to you. We are still not finished. Unlike others who swoop in during a disaster and leave as fast as they arrive, we are here for you.

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OMNI Emergency Services Program

Our OMNI Emergency Services Program is possibly the most critical part of our job. Properly preparing our clients for any disaster before it happens is vital to your family, the recovery process, and your home's rebuild. So let us guide you through the storm.

Disaster Recovery & Water Mitigation

At the heart of our business is the professional mitigation and recovery of your most valuable asset, your home. OMNI Disaster Services is one of only 3.7% of all the disaster recovery companies in the United States, which qualifies as a master water restorer.

Rebuild Estimate Program

Now that your home has undergone the recovery process, the next step is to ensure that you receive the compensation needed to restore your home correctly. Let our experienced team help you through this stressful time.

Non-Profit Legal Insurance Claims Assistance

Is your adjuster refusing to talk to us? Are you getting put off? Is your insurance company failing to respond? We can refer you to a non-affiliated, non-profit organization specializing in insurance claims assistance.

Rebuild Services

Just as we take pride in preparing our clients for a disaster and helping them recover from it, our sister company, Omni Construction Services, takes great pride in restoring your home to its previous condition or better.

Our Disaster Services Include:

  • Pre-Disaster Photos (requires enrollment in Omni Emergency Services Program (OESP))
  • Complete Home Floor Plans (requires enrollment in OESP)
  • Disaster Photos to Document for Property Damage
  • Utility Lock-Out/Tag-Out of All Utilities
  • Mitigation Planning
  • Moisture Readings and Tracking
  • Moisture Level and Removal Labeling
  • Post Moisture Level Reading Photos
  • Climate Control Logs with Psychrometric Chart Analysis
  • Muck-Out Services
  • Debris Removal and Disposal
  • Sporicidal Disinfectant Application
  • Drying Equipment Placement, Monitoring, and Removal
  • Post Equipment Set Photos
  • Room-by-Room Damage Take-Off Sheets
  • Completed Mitigation Photos
  • Insurance Claim Processing
  • Client Briefing and “What to Expect”
  • Online, Secure Home and Claim Documentation (requires enrollment in OESP)

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